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The Core of the Visalus Body by Vi Challenge is the Vi-Shape Visalus shake.

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The Balance Kit $49 (or 1.60 a day)

Balance The Visalus Shake

The Body by VI Balance kit is designed for someone who has a small weight loss or fitness goal they would like to target for the next 90 days. Maybe you want to lose that extra 5 pounds that just won’t come off no matter what you do. The Balance kit is 30 servings of Vi-Shape Nutritional Visalus Shake Mix. You replace one meal with a shake that is packed with optimal nutrition. The shake flavor is sweet cream. It is often referred to “the shake mix that tastes like cake mix”.  This kit also includes 5 Health Flavor Mix-ins that each provides a health benefit. Peach is for complexion, Strawberry for phyto-power, Banana for energy, Chocolate for your heart, Orange for immunity. These flavors help you to change up the flavor of the shake.

The Shape Kit $99 (or $3.30)

Shape The Visalus ShakeThe Body By Vi Shape Kit is designed for someone who is serious about seeing results fast. This kit contains 60 servings of Vi-Shape Nutritional Visalus Shake Mix.  “2 Shakes a day melts the pounds away”. Maybe you have a bigger weight loss goal you would like to target in the next 90 days. The Shape Kit will “shape” your body. You replace 2 meals a day with a delicious nutrition packed shake designed to keep you full. You also get 10 Health Flavor Mix-ins with this kit as well.

The Core Kit  $199 (or $6.60 a day)

Core The Visalus ShakeThe Core Kit is for the fitness enthusiast. The Core Kit supports an active lifestyle with a patented anti-aging and energy formula contained in the Vi-Pak. The Vi-Pak is a comprehensive nutritional supplement. You would select this kit if you have a fitness goal. The Core Kit comes with one bag of Vi-Shape Nutritional Visalus Shake Mix to give you optimal nutrition. You would replace one meal or take the shake after a workout to build lean muscle. This kit also contains a 30 day supply of Nuero Smart Energy drink mix. Nuero is designed to fire the neurons in your brain to wake you up naturally. There is no “crash” that you experience with other energy drinks.  Nuero comes in Lemon Lift and Raspberry Boost flavor. Nuero can be mixed in water or mixed into a shake. The Core Kit supports youthful and physical health. Health Flavor Mix-ins are also included in this kit.

The Transformation Kit $249 ( or $8 a day) 

Transformation The Visalus Shake The Transformation Kit is designed for the person who has a big weight loss goal.    Maybe you have 30-100 or more pounds to lose. When you select the transformation  kit you want to see results fast. This is the kit for you. The Transformation Kit will help you see and feel maximum results. This kit contains everything you need to make a total transformation and get the body of your dreams. This kit contains 60 servings of Vi-Shape Nutritional Visalus Shake Mix, 10 Health Flavor Mix-ins. You also receive 1 bottle of Vi-Slim Metab Awake Tablets that are designed to boost your metabolism and help you to burn extra calories throughout the day.  A 30 day supply of Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix helps sustain your hunger and keep you full. This can be mixed into a shake or into water. A 30 Day supply of Nuero is also included (Raspberry Boost and Lemon Lift flavor). One bottle of Omega Vitals is also included in this kit. This kit is packed with everything you need to transform!! Take your body back now.

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