Take it off for a free BMW

IMG00144 20101128 1502 300x225 Take it off for a free BMWDo you want to learn how losing weight can lead to a Free BMW?

Visalus started the 90 day Body By Vi challenge in 2010 and it’s litterally transforming lives all across America. Now it’s also putting those who promote it in Free BMWs. Visalus is all about free considering you can even paticipate in the challege for free, by getting 3 others to start the challenge with you. So..

Take it off for a FREE BMW 

One of the best incentives for a Visalus Distributor is The Bimmer Club. Visalus recognizes its distributors that are committed to excellence. What better reward than the opportunity to drive one of the best cars on the road. Visalus is a company that is all about high quality. Visalus products and supplements use the highest quality ingredients to create amazing products with proven results. Anyone who is a part of Visalus has an affinity for high quality. 

The Visalus Bimmer Club is the most achievable car incentive program in the nation. Visalus is a company who relishes in rewarding its distributors who recognize commitment to building a successful business. Distributors deserve to be driving a distinguished vehicle, like a free BMW, that sets them apart from the crowd. By reaching the level of Regional Director you qualify for the exclusive Visalus Bimmer Club. The rank of regional director is midlevel lets get started 300x86 Take it off for a free BMWin the company. You do not have to be a top earner to achieve this incentive. It is extremely achievable and one of the most attractive benefits of joining Visalus. It is a standout program.

The Free BMW was one of the top reasons I joined Visalus.


I just could not believe how attainable this program was! What better way to show your success than driving “the ultimate driving machine”. The Free BMW incentive sets Visalus apart from any other network marketing and home-based business company. In 2010 there was an average of 3 free BMW qualifiers per day! When a distributor qualifies for the Bimmer Club, the distributor earns a monthly BMW bonus of $600 a month. You will continue to receive this bonus as you move through the ranks in Visalus.

A distributor can select any free BMW. Whether it is a sporty Z4 or a luxury 700 series, the car of your dreams is easily attainable. The only stipulations are the Free BMW must be black and branded by Visalus. The Visalus branded kit includes a Visalus emblem that is displayed on the back of your car, black “Bimmer Club” jackets, and a custom license plate that reads “TOLD U SO”. The “TOLD U SO” license plates are for the skeptics who did not believe in this opportunity. Go ahead and pull up next to your co-workers in a shiny, black BMW with “TOLD U SO” license plates. Visalus distributors refer to the free black BMW’s as the “ultimate shut up toy”. Get in your free black BMW and go do some donuts on whoever told you that Visalus is “too good to be true” or “a pyramid scheme”.

The Bimmer Club provides the proof of your accomplishments.All your hard work, commitment, and perseverance are rewarded when you step inside in your black BMW for the first time. This is your chance to shine and show off your success. This is the Visalus way of rewarding all of its extraordinary distributors in extraordinary ways. All you have to do is help others achieve health and prosperity. The Bimmer Club is fun! There are Visalus poker runs and parades. Think of all those black BMW’s cruising down the highway. You deserve to shine! Get started today and celebrate your success. TOLD U SO

Get started on earning your free BMW here. Let’s all take is off for a Free BMW!

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