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 A Visalus Sciences review

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I am writing this article as an MLM newbie. I work in the field of healthcare and have no experience in “direct sales”. After following my sister-in-law, Susan Pacetti on Facebook for 3 months, I decided to take a better look at MLM’s and Visalus. My husband, being involved in MLM companies before, immediately said NO. For my birthday, he took me to a lake and without internet or television we had a lot of time to talk. I spoke of “free BMW’s” and “big checks”. He did not want to hear about it. My husband told me when we got home he would “debunk” Visalus and that would be the end of my “big dreams” of life by design, a free black BMW, and “big checks”.

When we got back home, my husband spent endless hours trolling the internet searching for any negativity he could find about Visalus. He found NOTHING.

He immediately contacted his sister Susan and her husband Kyle Pacetti. Kyle Pacetti has over 22 years experience in network marketing. Social networking and the internet played the foremost role in why we joined Visalus.

 Let me break in down for you. These are the reasons why I joined Visalus. I am going to provide you the pro’s and con’s of my own experience as a distributor in this company. First is The 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. People are having success using this product, it is literally transforming lives. Unlike most diets, Visalus encourages people who are on the challenge to maintain weight by staying on the product, and literally “transforming” their lifestyle.

One of the most unique appeals of Visalus is the disappearing autoship.  The 3 for FREE program. All you have to do is get 3 customers to get on the challenge and buy a kit and you get your product for FREE. The average person just needs 3 customers to get on the challenge say “GOOD-BYE” to your autoship. Who wouldn’t want to receive a product for FREE.  Customers are very important to Visalus. This is a unique concept in the MLM industry.

My favorite part of the Visalus Compensation Plan is the BMW that is paid for by Visalus.  A distributor only has to be midlevel in the company to reach Regional Director, you do not have to be a top earner to attain this incentive. When you hit a certain volume level  in sales you qualify for the free BMW. If you do earn the BMW you do have to maintain the sales quota to earn the $600 a month for car payments This is one of the only downsides to this incentive, you could end up with a car that you can’t pay for if you cannot maintain the sales quota.

The last thing I am writing about is the bonus commissions. When you reach the top level of Ambassador you earn commission checks staring $25,000. This is what I mean when I  speak of as “big checks”. As a Visalus distributor you have access to the leaders of the company for mentorship. It is a great community filled with positive leaders that anyone could identify with.

The biggest problem in Visalus or any other MLM networking company, especially, for a newbie, is the lack of leads and running through your “warm market”. This is a huge problem you run out of leads, you run out of cash flow. Who will you prospect? If you are interested in learning how to generate an enormous amount leads for your Visalus business you will need to learn attraction marketing. Stop chasing the wrong people, your friends, family, co-workers, anyone with a pulse. Stop chasing all together, have your leads literally chase you. Learn how to build your business online and offline and generate powerful leads that will build your team.

Visalus is an amazing company and I love being a part of something big. In order to be successful you need the right leads. People who want to build a business and live life by design. You can earn those “big checks.” Let me show you how. Sign up on the form on the right or simply click here to learn more about Visalus. To learn more about what we do online to promote Visalus click here

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