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As a promoter of the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. I get asked this question a lot. Simply stated Does Visalus Work? The answer to the burning question is absolutely YES. I was skeptical about the products at first.  I have a deep passion for cooking and consider myself a “foodie.” I did not want to give up a meal and replace it with a shake. I did not consider a shake to be “real food” or anything of sustenance. I did not even consider myself a “shake fan”. To tell you the honest truth, the only real reason I even tried the shake was because of my sister-in-law, Susan Pacetti. By looking at her, there is no question that Visalus does work. She is the top female income earner in the company. We communicated via Facebook and she raved about how amazing the shakes had made her feel, lose weight, build her core up to run a 10k Mud Run at 4* years old, just by joining the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. I had to answer this question for myself, does Visalus Work?

Does Visalus Work-My 90 Day Challenge

I never really had to struggle with my weight. Sure, I would love to lose 5-10 pounds, but can and does Visalus work? I definitely needed to start making healthier choices throughout my day so I decided to replace one meal (lunch) with a ViSalus meal replacement shake, to find out if ViSalus really does work. I did not drink the same shake everyday as there are hundreds of shake recipes. ( I have invented a few of my own) that allowed me to customize my shake. My favorites are Butter Pecan, Butterfinger, and Pistachio. I found myself looking forward to my shake each day. To my surprise, the shake actually kept me full for about 4-5 hours. Making this one small change, allowed me to lose 10 pounds in a month, for optimal weight loss, consuming 2 shakes a day is recommended. Does Visalus Work- it certainly was working for me.

I decided to up my game, being 32 I was younger than Susan (my sister-in-law) and was ready to really take on a challenge. My 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge was to run a 5k relay in the hot Texas heat in a canyon consisting of hilly terrain. This was no ordinary 5k. (not that I had anything to compare it to) I trained for 90 Days. I started drinking 2 shakes a day, one for breakfast and one after my workout. I wanted to answer to the question does Visalus work? At the end of my 90 Day Challenge, I ran the 5k relay and dropped another 5 lbs. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, this was a fitness challenge. I defined my arms and legs and had the best body I have ever had. Overall, I have lost 15lbs since starting the shake. Running the race, was truly a life changing experience. I do not like to workout, and I still need to schedule it in; in order, to stick to it. The good thing about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge is that there is a deadline. Does Visalus Work? The answer is YES

Does Visalus Work? Find out for Yourself

The best thing about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge, is that it can work for anybody. Set a goal and just do it!! Find out for yourself-Does Visalus Work? It certainly has worked for me. I drink 1 shake a day for nutritional value and for weight maintenance. During the winter months, I enjoy mixing it into my oatmeal!! The shake mix is packed with nutrients and gives me energy for my day. If you have a large weight loss goal, drink 2 shakes a day. If you have a small goal or want to try a fitness challenge, drink 1 shake per day. Visalus will not work for everyone. You have to stick to the plan. It is not a miracle diet and there is no short cut. Visalus shakes do not take a lot of time to make and is optimal for people who live a busy life. It is good food fast.  Join the challenge and find out does Visalus work?

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