Visalus BMW now Comes in Green, Silver, and Classic Black

green bmw Visalus BMW now Comes in Green, Silver, and Classic BlackVisalus BMW Now Comes in Three Colors !!!

Announced this weekend in Atlanta, GA at the Visalus National Convention, Visalus BMW now is available in green, black, or silver!!! The Visalus BMW incentive was a black BMW paid for by Visalus, ($600) per month toward a car payment. This amazing incentive for a Visalus BMW is available at midlevel in the compensation plan. This goal is very attainable for ANYONE that get’s involved with Visalus and The 90 Day Body by VI Challenge.

How do I Earn My Black, Silver, or Green Visalus BMW?

Earning your Visalus BMW is easier than most network marketing company. I’m willing to say any network marketing company. The car incentive is usually at the top of the compensation plan and is only reserved for the top elite earners. Think of Mary Kay and the Pink Cadillac. Visalus rewards up and coming leaders in the company. This is one of the many reasons I love Visalus and The 90 Day Body by VI Challenge. Let’s face it, only a few people every hit the top of the compensation plan in any network marketing company. Most people quit after a few months when they do not “get rich quick”. This is how network marketing gets a bad name. When you are able to obtain $12,500 in volume with 3 active legs, you hit the rank of Regional Director. At Regional Director you now qualify for a black, green, or silver Visalus BMW!! How exciting is that?? Any model you want!! Visalus will pay you $600 a month in car payments for your Visalus BMW. I will be honest and say you must maintain the $12,500 in volume or you will not earn the Visalus BMW bonus. You do have to continue to work for the payment. One great thing I will tell you is that if you do not make the quota for the month, Visalus still give you $300 towards your car payment. This is part time work and is attainable for anyone willing to do it.

Why the Different Colors? I thought Visalus BMW were Black?

This is the magic!!! BMW actually called Visalus and asked them to add different colors to the compensation plan. BMW could not keep up with the demand for Black, the original Visalus BMW color. Visalus is giving over 30 BMW’s away per day. I’m sure that statistic will be different once I publish this blog! At the National Visalus Convention in Atlanta, GA, Visalus CMO, Blake Mallen, announced that Visalus BMW are available in green, silver, and black. That is a HUGE clue. This is the perfect time to get involved with an amazing company. Start right now and get your Visalus BMW.

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