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Since my sister is Susan Pacetti, wife of

Hawaiian Blue Diamond Kyle Pacetti in Monavie

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Susan and Kyle on stage

I’m often asked what happened with Monavie? Kyle Pacetti explains that as the economy turned, it was harder for people to afford a supplement add-on like Monavie, sometimes referred to as “Jungle Juice”, from it origins in the jungles. As fewer orders came into their team, the earning started to dwindle. So Kyle Pacetti started looking for a opportunity that would allow their team to enjoy the fruits of their labor that they once had.

Kyle Pacetti left Monavie

 in what according to his wife, Susan Pacetti, under circumstances that are controversial. My understanding there are pending law suits on both sides. I’ll leave that up to the courts to sort out. I do know Kyle Pacetti left Monavie because he saw some key things about Visalus that worked even in a struggling economy. One being a “disappearing autoship”, and the fact it’s not a add-on, but instead a redirection of funds in a meal replacement. 

 Susan and Kyle Pacetti move from Monavie to Visalus 

and broke every record in Visalus in just 6 months! Susan and Kyle Pacetti have been featured in multiple publications for the amazing success that they have had in the direct sales industry. At one point Susan tried to recruit me into Monavie. Honestly when I met up with them in September of 2010 I didn’t really know what to expect. It had been almost 12 years since I had seen my sister since I live 1800 miles away. Susan hadn’t changed much, with the exception of her check book.

Susan and Kyle Pacetti, without a doubt are leaders in the MLM network marketing business, they led a team in Monavie and are still leaders in Visalus. I’m glad to have joined their team see them rise to the top as that had done in Monavie.

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Susan and Kyle Pacetti leave Monavie to join Visalus.

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