Find the Best Sponsors For Visalus

IMG00354 20110716 20131 300x225 Find the Best Sponsors For VisalusFind The Best Sponsors for Visalus


    So, you want to join Visalus? My team can provide you with the best leadership guaranteed. Susan Pacetti is one of the top female income earners in Visalus and she also is my sister-in-law. When you decide to join our team you will have mentorship and training from top Visalus leaders. We can truly provide the best sponsors for Visalus. If you have stumbled across my blog, you are probably considering joining Visalus. I will first applaud you for that. You have also found the best sponsors for Visalus.

    My husband and I have been involved in Visalus for over a year now. We can teach you both online and offline techniques. It is truly necessary to have a blend of both online and offline prospecting techniques. After you burn through your warm market, you will need some where to find people for your business. Luckily, there are lots of people online!! Look at Facebook! You have found the best sponsors for Visalus.


Find The Best Sponsors For Visalus-What do We Have to Offer?


Now while I can’t make the promise that you will make boat loads of cash, I can promise you the building blocks and mentorship to set you up for success. You will have access to online and offline marketing trainings and calls, that’s why we are the best sponsors for Visalus. Our team will guide you through the process of starting in network marketing. When I first started, I had no network marketing experience. I really had to study this industry, just like I studied in school. Through studying, I have learned so much and gained a very positive attitude by plugging into the culture of Visalus. I am so glad, that I found the best sponsor for Visalus, I urge you to do the same.


Picking the Best Sponsors for Visalus-Why it’s Vital to You Business


Network Marketing is no cake walk. Actually starting any business is no cake walk. Don’t listen to potential sponsors who will tell you that you will be a millionaire in 1 week or any other ridiculous income claims. Most people who rise through the ranks so fast are seasoned networkers. I’m giving you the truth, no B.S. If you get wrapped up in these pipe dreams it can kill your potential and you will end up quitting. Find the best sponsors for Visalus who won’t sugar coat anything, just straight up mentoring!! Visalus is so fun, I promise you will love and embrace this fun, positive community! Jump on board with the best sponsors for Visalus.



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The Visalus Fit Kit-Up Your Game



Visalus Sciences has added a powerful new product to the already fantastic arsenal. Introducing the Visalus Fit Kit. The Visalus Fit Kit is for the Fitness Enthusiast. If you are ready to up your game and get into the best shape of your life the Visalus Fit Kit is for you. The best thing about the Visalus Fit Kit is that all the products are made from natural ingredients and are actually good for you. There are many products on the market that contain harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. The Visalus Fit Kit makes staying in shape easy. The Visalus Fit Kit contains for products designed to amp your workouts and gives you the results for the body of your dreams.


What is in the Visalus Fit Kit?


2 Boxes of Visalus Go

Is an all natural energy shot designed to increase your performance and give you energy during a workout. It is best to take this product before you workout for that extra added boost to get you through your toughest workout. Visalus Go contains rhodiola extract for a powerful and healthy energy drink. Visalus Go does not contain high sugar or sodium levels that make you crash when the product wears off.


2 Boxes of Visalus Pro

There are so many products on the market to be used before and after working out. Now you can begin and end your workout with the Amazing Visalus Pro. This product is my favorite of all Visalus product and is a great addition to the fit kit. If you really want a boost and a product that makes you feel great, than this is for you, I take Visalus Pro before my workouts and I noticed an instant change in my endurance and performance. I am not a fitness enthusiast either!! This product really helped me get the most out of my workouts. I highly recommend it. Visalus Pro comes in a power form that you mix into a water bottle. It is very portable and convienent.


2 Boxes of Health Flavor Mix in Packs

Flavor Mix in Packs are designed to mix into your Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix. The Flavor Mix In’s come in Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Peach, andOrange. Each Flavor has a health benefit that adds to your shake. My personal fav is the peach and it is good for your complexion.


30 Nutra Cookies


The Visalus Nutra Cookies are awesome! Another personal favorite of mine! The nutra cookie is a delicious and healthy snack that takes the edge of your hunger while providing protein, antioxidants, fiber, prebiotics, and more. Two cookies are a great meal alternative that provides nutrition on the go. This is good food fast. The nutra cookies come in 3 delicious flavors: peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip. I like the peanut butter the best! These cookies are designed to be an in-between snack that keeps you full. I can personally tell you that 1 cookie fills you up. You can eat just 1 for breakfast and be full. 2 is supposed to replace a meal. I could not eat 2, 1 is more than enough. The nutra cookies are a great addition to the Visalus Fit Kit.


2 Bags of Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix


The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix is a great addition to the Visalus Fit Kit. I absolutely love these shakes. I have been drinking them for over a year. At first I used the shakes to lose weight, now I am using them to build lean muscle to get the body of my dreams! There are so many flavor options, you will never get bored. Vi-Shape is a patented tri-sorb protein that is easily absorbed, designed to build muscle and lose weight. The shakes are extremely healthy and packed with nutrients. These shakes are great for meal replacement or as an after workout muscle builder.


The  Visalus Fit Kit-Some Extra Added Bonuses


When you purchase the Visalus Fit Kit, you get some extra added bonuses, packed with value. You will get 9 hours of extra training videos from top fitness experts; such as, Hulk Hogan, Ray J, Vince Taylor, and Jenny Lynn. These videos alone are worth over $200 in value and are free when you purchase the Visalus Fit Kit. Get into the best shape of your life and order the Visalus Fit Kit today.

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90 Day Body By Vi Challenge-Not Just for Shakes

90 Day Body By Vi Challenge-Not Just for Shakes


I love protein shakes! They are a wonderful way to start your day. As I have been promoting the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge, I have heard many people say “I need food”. “I can’t just drink shakes”, “I need to chew” and the list could go on. The 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge is not just for shakes. I am going to give you an awesome recipe that is packed with nutrients to optimism your 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. If you are one of those peeps who needs food, this amazing recipe is for you.



90 Day Body By Vi Challenge- Blueberry Muffins


I absolutely love these muffins. I will admit, I have been drinking The 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge shakes for over a year, and drinking shakes can get boring sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my shakes, I usually have 2 a day. These muffins are a great alternative for the morning. They keep me so full. I do not even need a midday snack, and they are packed with nutrients.


2 c. Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

1 c. Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Flour ( I use whole wheat)

2 tsp. baking powder

2 c. dry oatmeal (I use whole wheat)

½ c. unsweetened apple sauce

¼ c. ground flax

¼ c. wheat germ

1 egg

4oz vanilla or honey Greek yogurt

3 ripe bananas

1 c. fresh blueberries


Mix all ingredients (except blueberries ) When mixture is well blended, add blueberries. Distribute evenly into 12 muffins. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Each muffin contains 200 calories, 11.5 g protein, 7.5 g. fiber, 3.5 g fat


Picture 088 300x225 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Not Just for Shakes

My Challenge Muffins

I love oatmeal. Mixing my shake mix in my oatmeal, has allowed me to stay full for longer, and give my body the protein that it needs. Try this 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge recipe.


Ultimate Oatmeal-90 Day Body By Vi Challenge

2 scoops Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

1 serving oatmeal ( I use instant whole wheat)

Dash of cinnamon

1 tbsp cocoa mix


This recipe can really be customized. I have added a dash of pure maple syrup, half a banana and the list could go on. The 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge is not just for shakes. Get started on your 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge today.  


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Denai Vaughn-The Networking Queen-”Outlive Your Life”

Denai Vaughn “The Networking Queen”

RAWphoto Denai11 272x300 Denai Vaughn The Networking Queen Outlive Your LifeWhile at work this morning one of my patients at the Rehabilitation Facility where I am a speech-language pathologist was reading the obituaries, I briefly saw a photograph of Denai Vaughn, known as “The Networking Queen”. She lived in Groom, Texas part of the Texas Panhandle. My husband began following her on Twitter about 6 months ago. We were looking for local networker’s to serve as mentors. I have never met Denai, and I wanted to go here her speak a few weeks ago, but decided she would speak around here again. Little did I know, she would pass away a few weeks later. I missed my opportunity to hear a wonderful person speak and share her knowledge. Denai Vaughn lived her life to the fullest. She said “Outlive you Life”.

Denai Vaughn-Her Networking Ventures

Denai Vaughn founded two companies. Bee the Buzz Promotions and Excellent Worx. Denai Vaughn’s mission was to help others realize that they can increase their networth through their network. Thousands of dollars in advertising are not required. In 2010 Denai Vaughn was nominated for America’s Most Influential Buisness Connector. She began working on a talkumentary that cast 6 women called Revelations of Authentic Women focusing on issues that women face. Denai Vaughn is a master connector. She has helped many corporations secure million dollar contracts all through LinkedIn connections!!! Talk about the power of connecting. Denai Vaughn hosted a weekly blog talk radio show called 3 Degrees. This show focused on the power of business networking.

Denai Vaughn-A Legacy

Denai Vaughn certainly left a legacy. I really wished I could have met her in person. Life is so fragile and we really never know when our time on Earth will end. Being in network marketing, networking is a skill that one must master. (I am continually working on becoming a better networker.) I have never had to concentrate on networking for my career as a speech pathologist. It is extremely valuable in the network marketing world and can make or break your business, both online and off. Denai Vaughn was literally in my own backyard in the Texas Panhandle. We don’t have many “super networkers” out here!! I’m so blessed to have followed Denai Vaughn on Twitter and watch her on YouTube. She is so bright and full of life. Denai Vaughn has a magnetic personality and has inspired my to life live to the fullest, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Rest in Peace, Denai Vaughn.

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Home Based Business Opportunities in New Mexico

Are you looking for home based business opportunities in New Mexico? Take a look at Visalus Sciences. Visalus Sciences is the fastest growing direct sales business right now. It is hot!! This company has had continued growth over the past 12 months. Visalus is simply one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico. The company visalus1 gave away over 500 FREE black BMW’s last month. BMW actually is having difficulty keeping BMW’s in stock and asked Visalus to add “other colors” to the compensation plan. Visalus Sciences is one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico.

What is Visalus Sciences and why is it one of the Best Home Based Business Opportunities in New Mexico?

Visalus Sciences powers the 90 Day By Vi Challenge. The 90 Day Challenge is an easy, effective and fast way to lose weight or get fit. Visalus promotes a healthy lifestyle. Visalus has made it easy and fast to consume a meal replacement shake that contains essential vitamins and minerals. The shake costs &1.87, making it cheaper than most fast food options, the shake will help you lose weight or maintain weight. This is one of the reasons that make Visalus one of the top home bases business opportunities in New Mexico.. The obesity rate in America continues to skyrocket. Over 70% of America is overweight. Virtually everyone can benefit from this product. Another reason that makes Visalus one of the best home based business opportunities in Albuquerque.  long with the amazing shake, there is a refer 3 get your product free. This is a great opportunity for any customer and business promoter to spread the word about Visalus. Who doesn’t like free product. Simply buy the product, refer 3 friends, and your next month is FREE. This incentive has made the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge explode. Taking on a challenge is always better with friends. Another reason why Visalus is one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico.

Amazing Promoter Incentives-Another Reason why Visalus is one of the Best Home Based Business Opportunities in New Mexico.

Visalus has great incentives for customers as well as promoters, making it one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico. When you decide to sign on as a promoter and earn income promoting a healthy lifestyle you have the opportunity to earn a FREE black, sliver, or green BMW paid for by Visalus Sciences when you hit the rank of Regional Director. This is mid level in the compensation plan and is very attainable to the average person, just looking to make a part-time income. This alone makes Visalus one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico. Visalus just used to pay for black ones, but because so many people have qualified for BMW bonuses (30 a day ) BMW asked Visalus to include other colors as part of the compensation plan. This makes Visalus stand out and one of the best home based businesses in New Mexico. If you are serious about earning extra income full or part time, get in Visalus and join the March to a Billion as Visalus becomes the first network marketing company in 25 years to hit a billion dollars in revenue!!!! This alone makes Visalus one of the best home based business opportunities in New Mexico.

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Visalus BMW now Comes in Green, Silver, and Classic Black

green bmw Visalus BMW now Comes in Green, Silver, and Classic BlackVisalus BMW Now Comes in Three Colors !!!

Announced this weekend in Atlanta, GA at the Visalus National Convention, Visalus BMW now is available in green, black, or silver!!! The Visalus BMW incentive was a black BMW paid for by Visalus, ($600) per month toward a car payment. This amazing incentive for a Visalus BMW is available at midlevel in the compensation plan. This goal is very attainable for ANYONE that get’s involved with Visalus and The 90 Day Body by VI Challenge.

How do I Earn My Black, Silver, or Green Visalus BMW?

Earning your Visalus BMW is easier than most network marketing company. I’m willing to say any network marketing company. The car incentive is usually at the top of the compensation plan and is only reserved for the top elite earners. Think of Mary Kay and the Pink Cadillac. Visalus rewards up and coming leaders in the company. This is one of the many reasons I love Visalus and The 90 Day Body by VI Challenge. Let’s face it, only a few people every hit the top of the compensation plan in any network marketing company. Most people quit after a few months when they do not “get rich quick”. This is how network marketing gets a bad name. When you are able to obtain $12,500 in volume with 3 active legs, you hit the rank of Regional Director. At Regional Director you now qualify for a black, green, or silver Visalus BMW!! How exciting is that?? Any model you want!! Visalus will pay you $600 a month in car payments for your Visalus BMW. I will be honest and say you must maintain the $12,500 in volume or you will not earn the Visalus BMW bonus. You do have to continue to work for the payment. One great thing I will tell you is that if you do not make the quota for the month, Visalus still give you $300 towards your car payment. This is part time work and is attainable for anyone willing to do it.

Why the Different Colors? I thought Visalus BMW were Black?

This is the magic!!! BMW actually called Visalus and asked them to add different colors to the compensation plan. BMW could not keep up with the demand for Black, the original Visalus BMW color. Visalus is giving over 30 BMW’s away per day. I’m sure that statistic will be different once I publish this blog! At the National Visalus Convention in Atlanta, GA, Visalus CMO, Blake Mallen, announced that Visalus BMW are available in green, silver, and black. That is a HUGE clue. This is the perfect time to get involved with an amazing company. Start right now and get your Visalus BMW.

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Visalus Pro-Prolonged Energy Drink

Visalus Sciences launches Visalus Pro-Prolonged Energy Drinkgo1 300x225 Visalus Pro Prolonged Energy Drink

What is Visalus Pro?

Visalus Pro is a brand new powdered energy drink formulated with a special nutrient blend designed for athletes to improve their workouts, or for anyone who wants a healthy burst of energy. Visalus Pro was launched in Atlanta, GA in October 2011. Visalus Pro can be mixed into a 16oz water bottle or with other drinks. Visalus Pro helps to support stamina, muscle recovery, and endurance and can assist in cellular recovery after a workout for optimal results. To get the most out of your workouts, use Visalus Pro

My Experience with Visalus Pro

I am a big fan of Nuero, Visalus Science’s all natural herb based energy drink. Nuero is designed to “wake up your brain”. When I tried Visalus Pro, I took it in the morning. I am sensitive to caffeine, and really can’t take energy drinks during the day. I go to Spin Class in the afternoon. I never take any energy drinks before a workout, I know a lot of fitness enthusiast friends that do. I’m not that “hard core” when it comes to working out. I exercise 4 times a week. Visalus Pro gave me a nice boost. The boost lasted well into the afternoon. (longer that Nuero) and affected my whole body. I was able to push myself a lot harder throughout my workout. It was easy to “recover” and push it hard on the spin bike. I definitely would recommend Visalus Pro for anyone who wants a longer lasting boost of natural energy. Visalus Pro really is a great option. Just in-one of my fitness enthusiast friends tried it before “Body Combat” she did combat for an hour, can home and did 30 more minutes of another workout!!!

What is in Visalus Pro ?

Visalus Pro contains both health and energy benefits. The blend includes natural plant extracts and vitamins, to help balance your energy levels as you go through the day. This blend can help your muscle energy, endurance and performance for daily activities, free radical defense, helps support the body’s ATP production, supports the body’s nitric oxide production. The Visalus Pro blends includes:

Apple Extract-for added energy and maintaining a healthy weight and fights exercise fatigue that may limit performance.

Resveratrol-can slow the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle like insulin resistance and the loss of bone mineral density.

Citrulline Malate-an amino acid found in watermelon juice, helps the body make Nitric Oxide, which increases blood flow and helps generate ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate ) the main molecule of energy in the body.

Imaltulose-is a low-insulinemic sweetener that supports improved fat oxidation during physical activity.

D-Ribose-a natural energy source for the body, it helps with muscle energy and recovery

Eleuthero Extract-helps enhance stamina and stimulate the immune system.

Rhodiola Extract-can help improve mental and physical performance, and help combat fatigue

Eight Essential Vitamins-that can help maintain healthy brain function, aid metabolism, and help maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Get the most out of your workouts and order Visalus Pro today

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March to a Billion

On Sunday October 23rd 2011 ViSalus co-founder Nick Sarnicola officially announced we are going to

“March to a Billion”

Currently there are 12 direct selling (also refereed to as network marketing) companies that compose the “Billion Dollar Club” with Avon and Amway topping the list at number one and two respectfully. Amway even had a billion dollar month in June 2011, a first for the 52 year old company.

It’s been over 20 years since a network marketing company hit the

Prized billion dollar mark222744 2052991602569 1177893012 32639984 170819 n 300x225 March to a Billion

and I’m not 100% sure it’s ever been done with markets only in North America. ViSalus is only in Canada and the US at this time, so to hit a billion by March 2012 will be no small feat.

With that said, ViSalus main products are in weight management and nutrition so they have the potential customer base of 70% of the population of the US. Since 70% of American could stand to loose a few pounds and a staggering 30% are considered clinically obsess, there is plenty of room for ViSalus to grow!

 It would take somewhere around

$84 million a month to hit the billion dollar point

 and considering the compounded growth, I think they have the steam to make it. Over 1000 people join the 90 day Body by Vi challenge and every hour a free BMW is earned by a promoter. In fact ViSalus is paying out 1.2 million dollars every month in just BMW payments.

 So if you’re reading this and you’re in ViSalus, or just thinking about it, now is the time to join and hold on it’s going to be wild ride as we March to a Billion!

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Does Visalus Work

Picture 067 300x224 Does Visalus WorkDoes Visalus Work?

As a promoter of the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. I get asked this question a lot. Simply stated Does Visalus Work? The answer to the burning question is absolutely YES. I was skeptical about the products at first.  I have a deep passion for cooking and consider myself a “foodie.” I did not want to give up a meal and replace it with a shake. I did not consider a shake to be “real food” or anything of sustenance. I did not even consider myself a “shake fan”. To tell you the honest truth, the only real reason I even tried the shake was because of my sister-in-law, Susan Pacetti. By looking at her, there is no question that Visalus does work. She is the top female income earner in the company. We communicated via Facebook and she raved about how amazing the shakes had made her feel, lose weight, build her core up to run a 10k Mud Run at 4* years old, just by joining the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. I had to answer this question for myself, does Visalus Work?

Does Visalus Work-My 90 Day Challenge

I never really had to struggle with my weight. Sure, I would love to lose 5-10 pounds, but can and does Visalus work? I definitely needed to start making healthier choices throughout my day so I decided to replace one meal (lunch) with a ViSalus meal replacement shake, to find out if ViSalus really does work. I did not drink the same shake everyday as there are hundreds of shake recipes. ( I have invented a few of my own) that allowed me to customize my shake. My favorites are Butter Pecan, Butterfinger, and Pistachio. I found myself looking forward to my shake each day. To my surprise, the shake actually kept me full for about 4-5 hours. Making this one small change, allowed me to lose 10 pounds in a month, for optimal weight loss, consuming 2 shakes a day is recommended. Does Visalus Work- it certainly was working for me.

I decided to up my game, being 32 I was younger than Susan (my sister-in-law) and was ready to really take on a challenge. My 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge was to run a 5k relay in the hot Texas heat in a canyon consisting of hilly terrain. This was no ordinary 5k. (not that I had anything to compare it to) I trained for 90 Days. I started drinking 2 shakes a day, one for breakfast and one after my workout. I wanted to answer to the question does Visalus work? At the end of my 90 Day Challenge, I ran the 5k relay and dropped another 5 lbs. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, this was a fitness challenge. I defined my arms and legs and had the best body I have ever had. Overall, I have lost 15lbs since starting the shake. Running the race, was truly a life changing experience. I do not like to workout, and I still need to schedule it in; in order, to stick to it. The good thing about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge is that there is a deadline. Does Visalus Work? The answer is YES

Does Visalus Work? Find out for Yourself

The best thing about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge, is that it can work for anybody. Set a goal and just do it!! Find out for yourself-Does Visalus Work? It certainly has worked for me. I drink 1 shake a day for nutritional value and for weight maintenance. During the winter months, I enjoy mixing it into my oatmeal!! The shake mix is packed with nutrients and gives me energy for my day. If you have a large weight loss goal, drink 2 shakes a day. If you have a small goal or want to try a fitness challenge, drink 1 shake per day. Visalus will not work for everyone. You have to stick to the plan. It is not a miracle diet and there is no short cut. Visalus shakes do not take a lot of time to make and is optimal for people who live a busy life. It is good food fast.  Join the challenge and find out does Visalus work?

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Susan Pacetti is the Top Female Earner in Visalus

Susan Pacetti Goes Five Star Ambassador-Top Female Income Earner in Visalus

            In September 2011, Susan Pacetti became the top female income earner in Visalus. Empowering women susan1 Susan Pacetti is the Top Female Earner in Visaluseverywhere that they can get to the top too!! Susan Pacetti is the reason I became involved in Visalus. She happens to be my sister-in-law and my mentor. I have been involved with Visalus for a year now, and will one day have the success Susan Pacetti has had. 2011 has been the year for women empowerment in Visalus, with Susan Pacetti leading the movement.

Susan Pacetti Rises to the Top With Visalus

            Over the past 6 months, Susan Pacetti has become the top female income earner in Visalus. She is a mentor to countless women entrepreneurs. Visalus top income earners have all been couples or men. A woman has never achieved the position of 5 Star Ambassador. In October 2011 at the Visalus National Convention, Susan Pacetti will receive a coveted “big check” bonus worth $250,000. That is icing on the cake. Susan Pacetti is now earning a 7 figure salary by doing what she is most passionate about, empowering women and helping people lose weight and get healthy by promoting the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge.

Working with Susan Pacetti

My husband and I have been fortunate to work with Susan Pacetti. She is our upline in the Visalus home-based business. In July 2011, Susan Pacetti ventured to Amarillo, Texas from Jacksonville, Florida to help us launch The $10,000,000 Body By Vi Challenge., coined “Challenge 2.0”. Mentorship is so important in the network marketing world. Without proper guidance and mentorship, a person tends to give up and quit. They try a home-based business for a few months and quit. They have a misconception that they will “get rich quick”. We were lucky enough to have Susan Pacetti mentor us and teach us the reality in network marketing. There is no “magic bullet”. One must be willing to work hard and never give up in the face of adversity. You can have success in network marketing if you treat it like a business and not just some hobby of the week. I can honestly say I was tempted to quit several times, without having a great mentor to guide me through tough times. Having a mentor to turn to was paramount. Everything I went through in network marketing industry was normal. The time is now to get involved with Visalus. This company is having huge growth right now. Get involved with a team who can provide you with great mentorship. Learn tips from top income earners have taught us, like Susan Pacetti.

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